Where is Art Deco on Route 66?

Art Deco is centered primarily in the major cities along the route 66 path. This includes but is not limited to Chicago, Saint Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Pasadena, Los Angeles and Santa Monica California.

What is Tulsa’s top 10 Art Deco Buildings?

What are Tulsa’s top 10 Art Deco Buildings? Tulsa’s Art Deco Top10 1. Boston Avenue Methodist Church2. Philcade Building3. Will …

What is Pueblo Deco?

Pueblo Deco is a distinctively American architecture and design style that combines the elements of the Pueblo Revival, Native American Art, and Art Deco design styles. The Pueblo Deco style is most commonly associated with America’s Southwest region. It can be found throughout Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

What are the Art Deco Building Styles?

The most commonly defined styles of Art Deco are Zigzag, PWA/WPA, Streamline, Art Modern, and Retro Deco styles. Each of these styles is described briefly below and will be described in more detail in future posts. The styles have been supplemented with several regional Art Deco styles like Pueblo Deco, the Miami Beach style and in some cases Frank Lloyd Wright’s Organic Style.

What Art Deco is at Tulsa’s Pythian (Gillette Terrell) Building?

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What Art Deco is at Tulsa Boston Avenue Methodist Church?

Boston Avenue Methodist Church Boston Avenue Methodist Church is a landmark with significant national reputation as one of the world’s …

Where is the Tulsa Art Deco Downtown Walking Tour?

Where is the Tulsa Art Deco Downtown Walking Tour?